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About Us

A1 Nutrition, conveniently located in the PATH at 121 King Street West, has been a family-run business serving in the heart of downtown Toronto since 2006. With an online presence under the modern name A1 Nutrify, we provide health and nutrition supplements of the best quality at a competitive price, with professional advice and recommendations from our three in-store nutritionists and naturopathic doctor:

Vicki Lau (BA, RNCP) is our Weight Loss Specialist who has been with us for more than 10 years, giving professional advice and services with her weight loss programs that are specifically designed for each client.

Yoona Lee (RHN) is our Skin and Beauty Specialist, with years of formulating her own natural skin and beauty line fit for the most sensitive of skins.  She is also an advocate of the Keto Diet, and wholeheartedly believes that "food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" -Socrates.

Dr. Aisha Durrani (ND) is our Naturopathic Doctor who has recently joined us, and has all the knowledge that an ND could offer.  With many years of experience of professional lines of products, you will be recommended the best choices for your needs.

Peter Jung (RHN) is the son of the business owner, our General Manager, and our product specialist who will answer any product questions to the best of his abilities.


Our Philosophy:

We believe in local and Canadian-made products, as well as high-quality ones from Europe and the United States. We focus on all-natural supplementation of the cleanest quality to help your needs. 

The ingredients and health benefits of each product are backed by proven scientific data that meet and exceed government standards.

Our high standards have attracted the best the industry has to offer.

Our Team can help you find the natural health solutions that are right for you and your family:

We're not just your everyday vitamin store; we're your family business!