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TNT Plus 60 Capsules

TNT Plus 60 Capsules

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As men age, things change, and nothing is more indicative of those changes than what we see and feel in our bodies – inside and out. Along with our waning energy levels, there is usually a corresponding decrease in our sexual drive as well.

Put your trust in TNT Plus. With extracts like herba epimedii, tribulus terrestris, and maca, TNT Plus goes beyond most men’s health supplements with added support to boost libido, sexual performance, energy levels and free testosterone levels.

Tribulus terrestris has been studied to promote increases in free testosterone for energy and libido support, working in tandem with herba epimedii to reduce impotence and improve sexual function. Maca also provides hormone balance for androgens in addition to being rich in vitamins/minerals for improved libido and energy support.

This herbal extract is derived from the Bulgarian plant, also known as Puncture Vine.  Used for hundreds of years, researchers have found it to be a natural way to support and, in many cases, increase vitality, thereby enhancing intimacy.

  • Helps support sexual health.
  • Boosts testosterone and improves fertility.
  • Builds muscle and enhances energy.